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  • The Westerly Sun
    Book release party for local author at Savoy
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  • The Horror Club
    Interview with Christa Carmen
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  • Space Squid
    World's Shortest Creator Interview: Christa Carmen
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  • Stephanie M. Wytovich, JOIN ME IN THE MADHOUSE
    Author Interview: Christa Carmen, Something Borrowed, Something Blood-Soaked
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  • Sci-Fi & Scary
    Ladies of Horror: Christa Carmen
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  • Jiffy-pop and Horror Blogcast
    Unnerving publisher Eddie Generous talks to Christa Carmen about books, Rocky, and the Stanley Hotel.
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  • Gwendolyn Kiste’s Blog
    In the Red: Interview with Christa Carmen
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  • Grim Reader Reviews
    Calvin Demmer Talks to Christa Carmen
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  • The Westerly Sun
    "In the Easy Chair with...Christa Quattromani Beauchamp"
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  • Award-winning writer and editor Gene Flynn calls We Are Providence: Tales of Horror from the Ocean State “a brilliant collection shaped by forces both human and inhuman,” and states that the “twenty-two stories and poems draw inspiration from the weird and the horrific, the haunting and the bizarre; they also clearly ring with a New England sense of place, history, and people.” With regards to Christa Carmen’s “Testing a Horrible Superstition,” Gene felt the tale “spoke so earnestly to the weird little girl in [her.]”
  • A starred review from Library Journal for Orphans of Bliss, and an amazing shoutout for “Through the Looking Glass and Straight into Hell”: “…it is Christa Carmen’s heartbreakingly honest look at “recovery” that is the star here, a story that is sure to end up on many speculative fiction year-end award lists.”
  • Booklist has given Orphans of Bliss a starred review! “The stories included here do not shy away from the ugliest parts of addiction...“Through the Looking Glass and Straight into Hell,” by Christa Carmen, vibrantly focuses on a woman who returns to a recovery center to undergo virtual-reality therapy…Overall, Orphans of Bliss is a strong anthology with memorable, visceral, cutting stories that will resonate with horror fans.” Thank you, A. E. Siraki!

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