Something Borrowed, Something Blood-Soaked

  • Gwendolyn Kiste highlights We Are Providence: Tales of Horror from the Ocean State as part of her Tor Nightfire article, “Short, Not Sweet: Five of the Creepiest Themed Anthologies of 2022”: “From ghosts to the gothic, this is one deliriously spooky anthology you don’t want to miss.”
  • A few Goodreads reader reviews for We Are Providence: Tales of Horror from the Ocean State...
    Alexander Charles: “The stories inside are not hamstrung by Rhode Island being a common thread, many of them are very different, and run a wide variety of sub genres within horror…Standout stories in my opinion, include Testing A Horrible Superstition by Christa Carmen… Highly recommend this anthology, it's one of the best I've read in a long time..”
    Badseedgirl: “All the stories were well written and I enjoyed them all. I have many new authors to add to my list.”
    Elizabeth Devecchi: “We are Providence... reaches out its skeletal hand to pull its readers through a series of shadowy, twisted paths, subjecting them to emotions spanning from fear and sorrow to rage and elation. This book truly does have something for every reader, from every background.”

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Rooftop Readings Ample Hills
Nov 29, 2022

7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Rooftop Readings
Ample Hills (Gowanus)
New York, NY

Rooftop Readings is back with some fantastic readings for November! We'll feature Christa Carmen, Leanna Renee Hieber (with Andrea Janes), and Chris Ryan! This is the latest in our monthly (usually 3rd Tuesday, but this time the 5th) author reading series held on the Ample Hills rooftop in Gowanus, Brooklyn. Each month will feature a different set of three authors from a variety of genres — science-fiction, fantasy, horror, young adult, mystery, humor … the sky’s the limit! And bonus: There’s ice cream involved! Ample Hills now also sells pizza if you want to chow down before your ice cream, too. Tickets (which include a free regular sized ice cream) should be purchased online, but can be bought at the venue (pending availability).
Get your tickets here, now. For more on the readings and upcoming authors, go here. Want to read with us? Fill out the form here.