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“Horror Writers Association Poetry Showcase Volume VI”

Judged by Christa Carmen and Cynthia Pelayo, edited by Stephanie M. Wytovich.
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“Cleaver Castle of Carnage Presents: The Coven Strikes Back”

Behold the Undead of Dracula: Lurid Tales of Cinematic Gothic Horror. Edited by Jonathan Raab, to be released by Muzzleland Press in August 2019.
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“And Sweetest in the Gale is Heard”

An anthology edited by Sara Tantlinger, to be released by Strangehouse Books in the fall of 2020.
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“A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes”

McFarland & Company, Inc.’s scholarly anthology on the Netflix series, “The Haunting of Hill House,” including an essay by Christa Carmen.
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“The Rest Will Be in Pieces”
Outpost 28 Issue #3, Elvelon Press

Outpost 28 is a collection of horror stories, artwork, and interviews that feature soul-swallowing horror, phantasmic darkness, and a satisfying dosage of brain-munching zombies. Issue #3 features grim tales by Christa Carmen, Rachael Alexandra, Victor Johnston, Jake Bauer, N.W Buchanan, and Calvin Demmer.
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“The House at the End of Her Mind”
Dark Voices, LVP Publications

Dark Voices is a Lycan Valley Charity Anthology -- 100% of profits will go to benefit breast cancer non-profit organizations. Voices are meant to be heard. Darkness amplifies sound. And Dark Voices cannot be silenced. You won’t find pages filled with sunshine and lollipops or rose glass filtered landscapes. Instead, gloom and evil lurks, monsters and despair prevail. As you read these 38 women of horror, sci-fi and dark fiction, their voices will linger in your mind and infiltrate your soul. Their voices are loud. Their voices are strong. Their voices are dark. Voices include: Theresa Derwin * Michelle Scalise * Linda D Addison * Diane Arrelle * Sara Dobie Bauer * Charlotte Bond * Chesya Burke * Christa Carmen * Lynn M Cochrane * Ruschelle Dillon * Pauline E Dungate * Amber Fallon * Cara Fox * Julie Frost * Charlie Hannah * Penny Jones * Reen Jones * Calypso Kane * Kitty Kane * Nancy Kilpatrick * Laura Mauro * Keris McDonald * Helen Mihajlovic * Christine Morgan * Billie Sue Mosiman and Frankline E Wales * Anne Nicholls * Marie O'Regan * Hayley Orgill * NOA Rawle * Eden Royce * EF Schraeder * Angela Slatter * Kristal Stittle * KD Thomas * Angeline Trevena * Nemma Wollenfang * Mercedes Murdock Yardley * Erin Sweet Al-Mehairi
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"True Life: My Boss is a Descendant of Cthulhu"
Black Ice Magazine, Vol. 2

Eighty pages of speculative fiction from new and emergent writers, including “God is in the House,” by James Edward O'Brien, “Monitor,” by Gary Durbin, “His Grey Diet,” by Henry Charles Gysin, an Interview with Mitch Gitelman, “Job Well Done,” by JovelleAngeli Avancena, “Pyrrhic,” by Gustavo Bondoni Dorrego, “The Bent Spoon,” by Andrew Reichard, “SQLG,” by Dan Thorn, and “True Life: My Boss is the Descendant of Cthulhu,” by Christa Carmen.
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"Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge"
Outpost 28 Issue #2, Elvelon Press

A collection of dark short stories, artwork, and interviews that feature soul-swallowing horror, phantasmic darkness, and a satisfying dosage of brain-munching zombies. Issue #2 features tales by Christa Carmen, Ayesha Ahmad, Rachael Alexandra, Dean Kuhta, and Victor Johnston as well as illustrations by professional artists like Andy Fairhurst, David Bonneywell, Michael Brack, Socar Myles, and Brett Gray. In addition, there are follow-up interviews from Issue #1 with musicians Jason Walton (formally of Agalloch), Tim Cretella from Doppio Music, and Trevor Church of Beastmaker. Buy your copy of issue #2 today to enjoy the many curious worlds of Outpost 28! 50% of all proceeds of Outpost 28 go to helping the homeless in Richmond, VA.
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“Red Room”
Unnerving Magazine Issue #5

Issue #5 includes fiction from Christa Carmen, Stephen S. Power (author of The Dragon Round), John C. Foster (author of Mr. White, and Baby Powder and Other Terrifying Substances), David Busboom (author of Nightbird), Gary Buller, Jake Marley, K.P. Kulski, Sara Codair, and Aaaron J. Housholder. Includes a feature by Gwendolyn Kiste (author of And Her Smile Will Untether the Universe, and Pretty Marys All in a Row). Publisher spotlight on Coffin Hop and Q&A interviews with Owen King (coauthor of Sleeping Beauties, and author of Double Feature) and Christina Henry (author of Lost Boy, and Alice).
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“The Ghost”
Only the Lonely, Alban Lake Publishing

Loneliness is both an emotion and a condition. It can last a few moments, or for a lifetime. Either way, it leads to a theme that we explore in this anthology. All the main characters you will meet in Only the Lonely experience loneliness in one form or another, but do not mistake loneliness for a solitary condition. A person can be lonely in a crowd if he or she is or feels different from the others. Someone can also choose to be alone, for a variety of reasons. And sometimes solitude is thrust upon an individual. How they cope, or fail to cope... well, that’s what this anthology is all about. Featuring stories by Christa Carmen, Teri Santitoro, Jay Caselberg, Lisa Timpf, Brianna Fenty, and Tyree Campbell, and delicately seasoned with a few themed poems, this is one anthology you don’t want to miss.
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“The Girl Who Loved Bruce Campbell”
Year’s Best Hardcore Horror Volume 2, Comet Press

”The most effective selections in this second annual compilation of gory and sexually explicit horror rely more on characterization and drama than on their extreme content...In Christa Carmen’s “The Girl Who Loved Bruce Campbell,” a chainsaw-wielding young woman defends herself against a trio of ravenous mutants in a bloody spree that gleefully spoofs the more outrageous moments in the Evil Dead movie franchise.” — PUBLISHERS WEEKLY. Comet Press is extremely proud to present its second annual anthology featuring this year's hardcore corps of authors with the best extreme horror fiction of 2016 that breaks boundaries and trashes taboos. Selected from indie publishers and magazines such as Corner Bar Magazine, Weirdpunk Books, Necro Publications, Splatterpunk Zine, Carrion Blue, and Raw Dog Screaming Press, these stories represent the state of the art of extreme horror fiction. Whether extreme in theme or with gore galore, these disturbing tales will be hard to forget even though you may wish you could. Yes, there will be blood. Lots of it. Gore galore and plenty of the gushy stuff. But you'll also find tales less graphic but with hardcore attitudes, transgressive stories you're not sure you should be reading, stories showing you things you shouldn't see. Visceral fiction by Christa Carmen, Michael A. Arnzen, Jasper Bark, Marvin Brown, Adam Cesare, Matthew Chabin, Jose Cruz, Andrew Darlington, Paolo Di Orazio, Stefanie Elrick, William Grabowski, Sarah L. Johnson, Eric LaRocca, Alessandro Manzetti, Tim Miller, Alexandra Renwick, Bryan Smith, Jeremy Thompson, Tim Waggoner, Wrath James White, and Stephanie M. Wytovich.
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“Thirsty Creatures”
Strange Beasties, Third Flatiron Publishing

Nothing is too strange for Third Flatiron's new anthology, "Strange Beasties." Find something unsettling at every turn, from rising primordical monsters and gods to murderous supernatural predators and vengeful soul-hungry demons. There's plenty of dark comedy too, with gamblers who race unusual beasts, ogres who run cooking podcasts, horrifically dysfunctional families, and unhinged sorcerers. An international group of new and established contributors to "Strange Beasties" makes this an original and varied collection that is sure to please fans of science fiction/fantasy, slipstream, humor, and horror.

An international group of new and established contributors to "Strange Beasties" makes this an original and varied collection that is sure to please fans of science fiction/fantasy, humor, and horror. Writers include Christa Carmen, Bruce Arthurs, John Sunseri, Philip John Schweitzer, Tim Jeffreys, Sarah Tchernev, Lucy Harlow, Philip Brian Hall, Jean Graham, Marc E. Fitch, Isobel Horsburgh, Paulo Da Silva, Jeff Hewitt, Wulf Moon, Daniel Rosen, Brenton Clark, John J. Kennedy, and Brian Trent. Foreword by Lizz-Ayn Shaarawi. Join us for an exhilarating ride through uncharted dark territory—and keep an eye out for strange beasties.
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“The Molecules that Bind Us”
Mad Scientist Journal Autumn 2017

Smart toasters, zombie offboarding, and innovations in 3-D printing. These are but some of the strange tales to be found in this book. Mad Scientist Journal: Autumn 2017 collects thirteen tales from the fictional worlds of mad science. For the discerning mad scientist reader, there are also pieces of fiction from Christa Carmen, Sean Buckley, Jule Owen, Steve Toase, Amanda Cherry, Sarah Cavar, Charlie Neuner, E. B. Fischadler, Tara Campbell, Judith Field, Emma Whitehall, Maureen Bowden, Isaac Teile, J. Lee Strickland, John A. McColley, Kate B. Brokaw, Jessie Kwak, Elizabeth Booth, Joachim Heijndermans, Cathleen Kivett Smith, Lucinda Gunnin, and Torrey Podmajersky. Readers will also find other resources for the budding mad scientist, including an advice column, gossip column, and other brief messages from mad scientists. Art by Shannon Legler, Katie Nyborg, Errow Collins, Scarlett O'Hairdye, Luke Spooner, Ariel Alian Wilson, and Amanda Jones.
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“Personal Effects”
Devolution Z: The Horror Magazine

13 original short stories, articles, and poems from talented authors of horror from around the world. Published monthly, Devolution Z Magazine brings you supernatural horror fiction, as well as nonfiction based on local and urban legends, myths, terrifying encounters, and all things supernatural and frightening.
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“Honey is a Dish Best Served Cold”
Just Desserts, WolfSinger Publications

Whether you like your revenge with the molten fire of a fine old Scotch or the cool sweetness of a tasty meringue, the nineteen tales within these covers should offer something to assuage you. Narcissistic co-workers, thieves of affection, and bad neighbors are given their due in ways imaginative and sublime. Featuring stories by: Christa Carmen, Calvin Demmer, Andrew Seddon, Anthony Crinella, Ashley Vasquez, Brian H. Seitzman, Carlos Roque, Erica Eastick, Jill Hand, Joseph P. Pietris, Kelly Matsuura, Kevin M. Folliard, Kirk Dougal, Lena Ng, Maria Haskins, Matt Handle, Mike McNichols, Rebecca McFarland Kyle and Robb T. White.
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“F***ing Up the Universe”
The Book of the Macabre, DreamFusion Press

A morbid corpus of twisted tales drawn from the darkest recesses of some of the most disturbed minds ever to put pen to paper. Sinister and controversial, psychological and horrific, The Book of the Macabre thrusts you into a madness so disturbing you’ll be clawing your way out. This collection of evil is sure to bring even the bravest souls to their knees, pleading for release. Talented curators of horror allow you inside their dark and twisted minds...if you dare.
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“No Trespassing”
Jitter Issue #4, Prolific Press

Jitter (Issue #4) is filled with stories and poems of horror by these masters of terror: Christa Carmen, Kevin Andersen, Rick Baldwin, Brandon Barrows, R.M. Warren, Adam Breckenridge, Dana Copeland, Stephan Deemer, Chris Dykes, Aaron Emmel, Cameron Filas, Justin Fleischman, Tim Gardiner, Patricia George, Robert Hansen, Gary Hewitt, Christopher Hivner, Scott Jessop, Ken L. Jones, Roger Leatherwood, Stephen McQuiggan, Jacob Mielke, David Novak, and Atris Ray III.
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Something Borrowed, Something Blood-Soaked
"Something Borrowed, Something Blood-Soaked"

A young woman's fears regarding the gruesome photos appearing on her cell phone prove justified in a ghastly and unexpected way. A chainsaw-wielding Evil Dead fan defends herself against a trio of undead intruders. A bride-to-be comes to wish that the door between the physical and spiritual worlds had stayed shut on All Hallows' Eve. A lone passenger on a midnight train finds that the engineer has rerouted them toward a past she'd prefer to forget. A mother abandons a life she no longer recognizes as her own to walk up a mysterious staircase in the woods.

In her debut collection, Christa Carmen combines horror, charm, humor, and social critique to shape thirteen haunting, harrowing narratives of women struggling with both otherworldly and real-world problems. From grief, substance abuse, and mental health disorders, to a post-apocalyptic exodus, a seemingly sinister babysitter with unusual motivations, and a group of pesky ex-boyfriends who won’t stay dead, Something Borrowed, Something Blood-Soaked is a compelling exploration of horrors both supernatural and psychological, and an undeniable affirmation of Carmen’s flair for short fiction.

Available now from Unnerving, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.

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