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  • "Shark Minute"
    Chilling Tales for Dark Nights'
    Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark tribute anthology
  • "What Are Little Girls Made Of?"
    Chilling Tales for Dark Nights / The Simply Scary Podcast Network
  • “The Rest Will Be in Pieces”
    Outpost 28 Issue #3
  • "I Have No Mouth For I Mustn’t Scream"
    Forthcoming Anthology, 2019

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Something Borrowed, Something Blood-Soaked
"Something Borrowed, Something Blood-Soaked" Short Story Collection.

Thirteen tales within the realm of horror & dark fiction: a chainsaw-wielding young woman defends herself against a trio of ravenous mutants; a bride-to-be comes to wish that the door between the physical and spiritual worlds had stayed shut on All Hallows’ Eve; a lone passenger on a midnight train finds that the engineer has rerouted them toward a past she'd prefer to forget.

Coming August 2018, from Unnerving.

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Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge
"Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge"
Outpost 28 Issue #2

A collection of dark short stories, artwork, and interviews that feature soul-swallowing horror, phantasmic darkness, and a satisfying dosage of brain-munching zombies. Issue #2 features tales by Christa Carmen, Ayesha Ahmad, Rachael Alexandra, Dean Kuhta, and Victor Johnston as well as illustrations by professional artists like Andy Fairhurst, David Bonneywell, Michael Brack, Socar Myles, and Brett Gray. In addition, there are follow-up interviews from Issue #1 with musicians Jason Walton (formally of Agalloch), Tim Cretella from Doppio Music, and Trevor Church of Beastmaker. Buy your copy of issue #2 today to enjoy the many curious worlds of Outpost 28! 50% of all proceeds of Outpost 28 go to helping the homeless in Richmond, VA.
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