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November 2021

HWA RI – Chapter Meeting
Interested RI horror writers should contact chapter coordinator Christa Carmen for more information.

Past Events

October 30, 2021
HWA RI – Halloween Eve Readings

Join HWA RI chapter members Steven Belanger, Christa Carmen, Lauren Elise Daniels, Curtis M. Lawson, and Joshua Rex for an evening of short, spooky readings, steaming live on Oct. 30th at 8 pm!
October 2021
HWA RI – Chapter Meeting

Attendees: Christa Carmen, Steven Belanger, Victoria Dalpe, Lauren Elise Daniels, Larissa Glasser, Tiffany Liang, Paul Magnan, Joshua Rex, & Curtis M. Lawson

Topics: Zoom reading to be held on Saturday, Oct. 30th (participants: Steven Belanger, Lauren Elise Daniels, Tiffany Liang, Joshua Rex, Curtis M. Lawson. Christa Carmen to host). 10 min readings. Email L. Glasser for interest in Zoom reading at Lovecraft Arts & Sciences. Chapter communication – Discord. Next meeting is Thursday, 11/18.
August 2021
HWA RI – Chapter Meeting

Attendees: Christa Carmen, Joshua Rex, Larissa Glasser, Jason Parent

Topics: Chapter communication - emails, Google docs, Discord/Slack, etc. What's the best option for our group's needs? Zoom reading... or wait until October and have "spooky" in-person reading? Perhaps at Lovecraft Arts & Sciences, if they have a good experience with holding the Lovecraft Film Festival in-person this weekend (chapter member Victoria Dalpe is doing a reading there, Sun. 08/22 @11 am). In-person events... Riff Raff? Most likely. Next meeting is Thursday, 09/16.
July 2021
HWA RI – Chapter Meeting

Attendees: Christa Carmen, Joshua Rex, Victoria Dalpe, Jason Parent, Aron Beauregard, Steven Belanger, Ken Vaughan

Topics: Meeting location/format; In-person meet-ups; Planning virtual and in-person readings; Planning book launches and other events, marketing, submissions, Book Bub...; Google Drive for membership directory, beta reading shared folder, etc.
  • Christa Carmen will have a story in Orphans of Bliss: Tales of Addiction Horror, coming in the spring of 2022 from Wicked Run Press. Mark Matthews' Garden of Fiends and Lullabies for Suffering are counted among Christa's favorite horror anthologies ever, and the TOC for this last installment is an unbelievable curation of talent. Thanks to Mark, and congrats to fellow contributors Cassandra Khaw, Josh Malerman, Sam Kolesnik, Shawn A. Cosby, John FD Taff, & Kealan Patrick Burke!!
  • Christa Carmen has been appointed coordinator of the new Horror Writers Association Rhode Island Chapter! Visit the HWA RI Facebook page if you are a RI-connected horror writer interested in knowing more!
  • Amy Grech (@amy_grech) included Christa Carmen in her Crimson Screams blog: Dangerous Dames: Women Who Write Horror.


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