Short Stories

Thirsty Creatures

"Thirsty Creatures," now available from Amazon.
This Our Angry Train

Originally published by DarkFuse Magazine.

"Lauren finds herself the only passenger on The End of the Line, a train engineered by the dreaded Mr. Shapiro, who was rumored to have been involved with the train crash that killed his wife and daughter, the wife and daughter said to still haunt the tracks during those times when the train seems to be moving backward, but is really moving forward. As stations whir past, and the conductor, Mr. Holland, relays more of The End of the Line's history, Lauren finds that the train may be moving backward after all, into a past that she'd prefer to forget."
The Girl Who Loved Bruce Campbell

Originally published by Corner Bar Magazine, available now from Comet Press' Year's Best Hardcore Horror, Volume 2, at Amazon.

"A chainsaw-wielding young woman defends herself against a trio of ravenous mutants in a bloody spree that gleefully spoofs the more outrageous moments in the Evil Dead movie franchise." - Publishers Weekly
The Ghost

Coming in January 2018 from Alban Lake Publishing.
Take Me to Your Horror

Originally published by Blood Moon Rising.

"Demoted by his own planet for his inability to conquer a new one, extraterrestrial Zero attempts to glean information about Earth from a young woman named Ania. Ania relays Earthlings' culture to Zero through a series of "home movies" and "autobiographies," including The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Silence of the Lambs, and American Psycho, and Zero finds that attempting to conquer Earth may be biting off more than he can chew."
The Molecules that Bind Us

Now available from Amazon.
True Life: My Boss is a Descendant of Cthulhu

Black Ice Magazine, Volume 2, coming soon, from Better Futures Press!
Liquid Handcuffs

Originally published by Tales to Terrify, August 25, 2017.

Read Unnerving Magazine's review of "Liquid Handcuffs" here.
Red Room

Coming in January 2018 from Unnerving Magazine.
Totem Poles

Originally published by The Eunoia Review, September 6, 2017.
A Deal With the Devil

Originally published by Literally Stories, January 27, 2016.

Clementine Hamilton is a self-diagnosed ‘stimulus deprivation disorder’ sufferer. Clementine has dealt with her constant need for stimulation with a variety of coping mechanisms over the years, alcohol, binging and purging, opiate pain pills, and excoriation (skin-picking) among them. The exhaustive nature of her symptoms leads Clem to believe that death would be a welcome relief; that is until she’s visited by her cousin in what seems to be a dream, and offered a deal she cannot refuse. Freed from a lifetime of addiction, obsessions, and compulsions, Clementine is able to accomplish her goals and cultivate a meaningful existence. Upon her death, Clementine must make good on her debt, but her job in the afterlife will have her wondering if she struck such a worthwhile bargain after all.
Too Good to Be True, or, the Stripper with a Heart of Gold

Originally published by the J.J. Outré Review, Volume II, Issue 2.

If it seems too good to be true, it probably is, or at least that’s how the saying goes. Adriana is an Ivy League student at the University of Pennsylvania, and embarking on her senior year as a Division I gymnast. Confronted with the idea of becoming a stripper, she not only christens herself ‘Nikki’ and buys a pair of nine-inch clear-soled platforms, but excels at the profession from her first shift, immediately mastering tricky pole work and acquiring ‘regulars.’ One such regular seems to have stolen Nikki’s heart, and when their relationship outgrows the confines of the club, Nikki agrees to quit dancing and focus her energy on school and on Jeff, to Jeff’s delight. When Nikki’s schoolwork and looming bills begin to overwhelm her, Jeff offers his assistance, and Nikki finds one satisfying way to repay him.
Honey is a Dish Best Best Served Cold

Originally published by Fiction on the Web March 06, 2016, reprinted by WolfSinger Publications. Now available on  Amazon.

Chloe McLachlan's work life is blighted by an insufferable colleague.
No Trespassing

Available through  Prolific Press.

In the swanky Watch Hill community where Taylor Swift owns a seventeen million dollar mansion and the property taxes are more than most Americans’ annual salaries, Sophie Blackwell gets more than she bargained for after a run-in with a snooty neighbor.
F***ing Up the Universe

The DreamFusion Press anthology, with a special dedication page written by Christa Carmen, available now, from  Amazon.

Lena meets her friend Charlene at a coffee shop in Cambridge, MA, and insists on having the English Afternoon Tea, despite it being a Thursday morning. The barista admonishes her to weigh her decision carefully; she doesn't want to be responsible for “f***ing up the universe,” does she? As the events of the day become stranger and more ominous, Lena begins to wonder if there was something to the barista’s warning. When she makes it back to her apartment complex, amidst the apparent breakdown of society, the manifestation of her earlier action becomes tangible, and Lena realizes that the worst has only just begun.
Come With Me If You Want to Live

Originally published by pennyshorts, available for free download

"Come With Me if you Want to Live" subverts one of the popular tropes in science fiction and fantasy, turning the 'Magical Negro' cliché on its head.

When a bomb explodes at a local hospital, the only surviving African American man with a schizophrenia diagnosis on the psych unit, Patrick, leads the others to safety. Patrick takes advantage of the fact that his counselor and the other patients follow his lead, believing him to possess special insight or magical powers in their fear, yet his schizophrenia diagnosis is a cover for something much more sinister.
Personal Effects

The September issue of Devolution Z Horror Magazine is available through Amazon in both ebook and print formats.

Jo cannot remember a time in which her mother-in-law, Frannie Trymark, was not actively working to make her life a living hell. But now Frannie's dead, and Jo and her husband can move on...right? Not if Frannie has anything to say about it, and it seems that Frannie is able to say quite a bit, what with her malevolent spirit still occupying the attic of the house Jo's been tasked with helping to clean out. Will Jo finally get to put their rivalry to rest, or will Frannie's grudge persist beyond the grave?
Four Souls Of Eve

It’s All Hallows’ Eve, a night when the door between the physical and spiritual worlds dissolves. It’s also the night before Eve’s wedding, and she is surprised to find herself visited by four spirits, the ghosts of her ex-boyfriends who have passed from illness or accidents. The spirits’ souls require propitiation, which Eve can provide at the expense of a portion of her own soul, payable on the first Halloween after her death. Banking on her sentimentality, the spirits appeal to Eve’s more positive memories of each relationship, and Eve has to grapple with her destructive habit of putting others before herself. In the course of making her decision, Eve realizes that her most disagreeable relationship may not be dead and buried after all.

Available direct from Frith Books, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Kobo, and other eBook retailers.

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The Tiger In The Lifeboat

You’ll probably agree with me when I say that the word ‘epic’ is an overused one. ‘That was an epic party last night, man.’ ‘The cupcakes Betsie made for Jess’s party were epic!’ ‘Whoa, Claire just delivered the most epic of epic burns!’ Despite the propensity for ‘epic’ to be thrown around like a Frisbee at a frat house, I’ve never shied from attributing the term to certain works of fiction, or from feeling more connected to those works because of it.

When I was in middle school, I was always primed for the possibility of finding the next epic read. Stories and scenes that topped this list were the shipwreck at the start of Black Beauty, Where the Red Fern Grows, with its fulfillment of the heartbreaking but awe-inspiring Native American legend...
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